The Dead Zone

Johnny's life is nearly perfect - until the day his life is interrupted by a near-fatal car crash that leaves him in a deep coma. Six years later, Johnny finally regains consciousness and discovers that life as he once knew it has completely changed.


"Dead Zone" | "La zona morta" | "The Dead Zone" | "Împotriva destinului" | "A holtsáv" | "Holtsáv" | "La zona muerta" | "Stephen King's Dead Zone" | "Surnud tsoon" | "The Dark Half" | "Zona smrti"

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Release: June 2002
Director: Michael Piller, Shawn Piller
Language: English
Runtime: 60 Minutes
More Info: IMDb

Cast: Anthony Michael Hall, Nicole de Boer, Chris Bruno, John L. Adams, David Ogden Stiers, Bill Mondy